Why are some times busier than others at Sydney Airport?

The number and frequency of flights will vary on a daily, weekly and yearly basis due to differences in airline schedules. The airlines schedule flights in response to consumer demand.

Busy times of day

The busiest times of day tend to be in the morning and evening as business travellers arrange their flights to coincide with business hours at their destinations.  At these times it is not unusual for flights to arrive and depart every few minutes.

Busy times of the week

Monday mornings and Friday afternoons and evenings are very busy times for Sydney Airport, largely due to business travel.  Sunday afternoon is also a busy time.

Busy times of the year

Easter, Christmas/New Year, Lunar New Year and school holidays generally see an increase in aircraft movements because the airlines will schedule additional flights to meet the extra demand for travel during these times.  You are likely to notice increased frequency of movements during these periods.

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