Early morning arrivals during non-daylight saving periods

During non-daylight saving periods you may notice some aircraft arriving in the early morning between 5.00am and 6.00am.

While the curfew ends at 6.00am, under the curfew regulations the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development may permit a limited number of passenger flights to land between 5.00am and 6.00am during non-daylight-saving periods. When daylight saving is in place these flights arrive after the curfew ends at 6.00am, but when clocks are turned back at the end of daylight saving they arrive an hour earlier. These flights generally originate from ports where curfews prevent them leaving later.

These early morning flights are required to land from the south, over the water. However they may fly over land as they travel to cross the coast and join the final approach.

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