Use of the east-west runway during non-peak periods

During non-peak periods for Sydney Airport a noise sharing mode will be used whenever possible. Therefore during these periods you are more likely to experience aircraft noise from aircraft arriving or departing the east-west runway than at other times of the day.

While it depends on the flights scheduled for the day, non-peak periods are generally:

  • 6am to 7am
  • 11am to 3pm
  • 8pm until 11pm

The parallel runways are always used during peak periods for the airport (generally 7am to 11am and 3pm to 8pm, depending on airline schedules). Whenever possible, noise sharing is conducted at other times in order to give residents affected by use of the parallel runways a break.

Learn more about noise sharing under the Long Term Operating Plan for Sydney Airport.

Find out how frequently noise sharing modes are used with our interactive monthly Sydney Airport Operational Statistics tool.

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