Light aircraft training areas

There are a number of designated flight training areas to the west and south-west of Bankstown Airport and surrounding Camden Airport. Once pilots progress past the initial circuit training stage of their learning they will begin flying to and around these training areas.

Training areas

As indicated in the image above, the training areas extend from surface level (SFC) to upper limits ranging from 2500 feet to 4500 feet. The closer the training area is to Sydney Airport, the lower the upper limit will be to ensure that aircraft do not conflict with arrivals and departures using Sydney Airport.

The closest training area to Bankstown Airport encompasses the Prospect Reservoir area, south to the Liverpool area and the airspace west of Campbelltown and east of Camden Airport. The upper limit here is 2500 feet.

The training area further to the west has an upper limit of 4500 feet and extends from the Penrith area to the north of Camden Airport. A third training area extends to the eastern edge of Lake Burragorang.

Activities that may occur in the training areas other than pilot training include model aircraft flights, and ultralight aircraft flights, as well as aerobatic flights. Parachute jumping generally occurs to the south of the training areas over the Wilton aerodrome area. Transiting aircraft may also track over the area.

The training areas are outside controlled airspace. This means that aircraft are not being directed by air traffic control.

The following image shows the density of aircraft using the training areas and flying between the training areas, Camden and Bankstown Airports over a typical three-month period. The colour indicates the density – the hotter and deeper the colour, the greater the number of movements. The legend in the bottom right-hand corner indicates the number of movements per quarter depicted by each colour.

Track density

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