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Using the interactive components
SAOS reportHelp is available for each page of each detailed interactive statistical report available in the Resources section:

  • Sydney Airport operational statistics
  • Aircraft noise complaints report
  • Noise monitoring report
  • Bankstown Airport report
  • Explore detailed data for your suburb

Click in the bottom right-hand corner of each page to turn pop-up hints on and off (as shown, right).

These reports are best viewed in full screen mode.

Can’t find your suburb?
As of September 2019 this portal covered all suburbs in the Sydney region, however, as new suburbs continue to be developed, we may not have caught up with yours yet. Newly-developed suburbs will be added to the portal once each year. If your suburb is not covered, please select neighbouring suburbs until your suburb can be incorporated.

The posts you will see in each category are customised for the suburb you have selected. To see posts for other suburbs, you can either change your suburb selection or use the Sitemap. The Sitemap contains a link to each post available on the site. Using these links you can view posts for other suburbs without changing your suburb selection.

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