Bankstown Airport flight paths

There are a number of different arrival and departure paths into and out of Bankstown Airport.

The flight path used at any given time depends primarily on what direction the aircraft is approaching from or heading to. In addition, jets and turbo-prop aircraft will often use different flight paths to light aircraft and helicopters.

There is no minimum altitude for aircraft in the process of landing. Aircraft will generally descend on a glide slope of three degrees as they make their final approach.

The altitude of aircraft after departure will depend on factors such as the type of aircraft and its weight, how heavily laden it is with fuel and passengers, and the atmospheric conditions at the time. All these factors affect an aircraft’s climb rate. There is no regulated minimum altitude for an aircraft in the process of taking off.

The image below shows the tracks of actual flights using the arrival and departure flight paths. The arrival paths are shown in orange and the departures are purple. The light orange and purple tracks are jet traffic and the darker orange and purple tracks are light aircraft and helicopters.

Light aircraft and helicopter pilots are usually flying under Visual Flight Rules, which means they navigate using landmarks that are easily seen from the air. This does not mean they must fly over each landmark; rather, they use each landmark to be sure of their position. This results in there being much more variation in where they fly than for jets and larger aircraft that navigate using instruments. This variation can be seen in the image below.

Arrival and departure flight paths

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